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Do you have a garage door with no windows? Then, it’s time to change it and get a garage door with windows. Usually, garages are dark and dingy and attract moisture and air whenever you open or close the garage door.

Without natural lighting, your garage may look cramped, dark, dingy, and wet. If you don’t wish to feel like you are in a claustrophobic room, it’s best to get a door with windows.

Having a garage with windows can have several advantages, but some doors need not have a window. It’s only fit for some garage doors or homes.

Here’s an article highlighting the advantages of having a garage door with windows.

Let’s look into the benefits they provide and see if it’s worth it to buy one.

1. Get Natural Light Inside The Garage

Natural lighting is needed inside the garage when you get ample sunlight or will give the dingy and dark space some bright light and a positive feel. 

Garages don’t have to be scary and dark rooms. It can be transformed into a vibrant kids’ room and used as a guest room or storage space. In addition, garage space is handy, so having a garage door with a window can be beneficial. 

Let the garage be filled with sunshine. You will notice that the space will become even more inviting and beautiful. Once the sunshine enters the garage, you can use it as a spa, gym or hang-out space.  Do you know that with a bit of light, windows also allow a lot of warmth inside the garage? This is because the sun penetrates your space and heats it. So you get natural insulation even during the winter season. But remember, this can also be a hardship during the hot summer season.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Garage Door

Another advantage of garage doors with windows is that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Again, there is an exciting design element. All homes look better with windows. Moreover, there are various window design options too. 

You can check some designs online and then let the garage door seller know what you need. Most people choose windows that go with the exteriors of the house. 

3. Increases the Value Of Your Home

This might sound irrelevant to you, but if you want to sell your property later on, you will get a better value when your house is aesthetically pleasing. 

You must consider enhancing the curb appeal with a beautiful garden and an aesthetically pleasing garage.  Make sure you’ve got a good-looking garage door with windows. It will look very attractive to potential buyers.

4. Natural Light Helps In Saving Energy

When you get a garage door with windows, you get natural sunlight too. You must think we’ve already discussed this, but we ignored the energy-saving part. 

Think about it like this: if natural sunlight comes into your home, you don’t need to turn on the lights during the daytime. You can set up a WFH office in the garage or do all the pending work in this space without turning on the light. Wouldn’t you save much energy by not turning on the lights during the daytime? 

The sunshine will keep the house and garage warm even during winter. When the sunshine enters the garage, you will get heat and wouldn’t need to turn on the heating system. So, you will turn on the heating system at night for a few hours.  We often talk about the world not taking care of the environment and littering around. But you are also a culprit if you are not doing anything to save energy. This is the time to become a better and more responsible inhabitant.

5. It’s Easier to Maintain

We love how a garage door only asks for a bit of maintenance. You need a glass cleaner and a cloth to wipe it now and then. Just take 15 minutes a day and clean the window, so there is no frost or dirt.

You can make the house look sparkling clean without much effort. Garage windows are easier to maintain and do not require much work.

6. Customization Is Easier

Wouldn’t it be Plain Jane if all the houses had the same garage door and windows? The same design would make every house look the same. However, your house should stand out, so you need a garage door with unique windows. There are several designs, so your house can look different.

Customization is easier! You can choose the glass type as per your preference, but there are different sizes and shapes too.

Are There Any Cons of Having Garage Doors with Windows?

Although the benefits are multiple, it’s our responsibility to share the cons.

The list is short, but you must know about the disadvantages too.

Firstly, having garage doors with windows may cause hindrance to the privacy of the family. Anyone can peek into your garage and look at what’s inside. If you are using the garage as a bedroom, there is always a chance that your private moments may be leaked or you are getting secretly recorded.

This brings us to the next disadvantage; thieves may be able to see what’s inside the garage. They already know your car model, how much it costs, and whether the garage has some expensive items they can sell. So don’t give them a peek into what is inside.

Thirdly, glass panels are breakable. You have to check with the window installer or the garage door installation professional whether the windows are breakable or unbreakable. You don’t want someone to break into your home easily. Security is a concern but thinks about the pros too.

Concluding Thoughts

Having windows on a garage door looks great and helps you save energy bills, but there are some security concerns that you must look into. Are you ready to find some solutions to security-related issues?

Well, make a wise decision!

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