Why My Overhead Door Won’t Open?

If you have an overhead door for your garages, you will notice that it saves space and gives a cool look to the garage overall. Every modern homeowner decides to have them for his home. These doors work on remote control and motor. You will find the overhead door work on remote controls and sensors. These do not require the homeowner to get out of the car to manually open or close the gate. It saves time, and effort, and hence, these doors are the top choice. However, you may find the overhead door of your garage not functioning smoothly. Here are a few reasons this might happen.


Evaluating the Reasons and Remedies

Garage Door Broken Spring:

This is one of the most common problems and a serious one at that. If your door’s spring is broken, it cannot pull the door up and may cause a significant accident anytime if you do not repair the garage door broken spring in time.

The Sensor Eye is Blocked:

After a stormy night, leaves or other such materials might fly and block the eye of the sensors. It might therefore not be able to make contact with the remote control. Just make sure this sensor eye is open before operating the remote.

Power Cut in the Outlet Plug:

If the power outlet for the garage door is not working, the door will not function. The motor of the garage door openers works on the power outlet. If you accidentally switch it off, you will not be able to open the door.
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The Cables Snap-off:

When the torsion spring breaks, the direct result is visible on the cables. They too snap off and thereby, the doors will not open. It is advisable to call the local garage- door repair professionals to repair right away. Do not delay or ignore if you notice any slack in the door at any time.

Misaligned Doors on Tracks:

Many times the doors do not fit and run along the tracks smoothly. You may hear squeaks at places or see gaps or even small obstacles along the channel. Just note it and make sure to replace these tracks.

Malfunctioning Remote:

While using the remote control, check the battery first and see if the car is in range. If the motor’s antennae are not working, or if the sensor is blocking the way, the remote may malfunction. Other issues like small obstacles on the door or limit setting being off, or the sensitivity needing adjustments may plague the  overhead door. Check these issues or call reliable local garage door professionals for timely intervention.