For many homeowners, a stuck garage door is a nightmare. However, if you do routine maintenance, this might occur due to increased age. Your garage door must be in proper working condition. This is the post for you if your garage door is stuck halfway and you want to know why.

So, keep reading further, as we will discuss possible reasons why the garage doors are stuck halfway. The possible reasons could be-

Damaged garage door track:

The degradation of the door track is unavoidable after an extended usage period. Due to the damage to the door track, it constantly gets stuck and cannot move freely. There are a variety of causes for door track degradation, one of which is the weather. Weather damage and harsh impact on the track can also damage the door track.

If you see a little bent that can be straightened out by yourself, you can do so; but if the damage or bend is more substantial, you will require expert assistance.

Any protruding nut blocking the track and any misaligned cable are other reasons for misaligned tracks. Examine the roller tracks to see whether they are being clogged by anything in their path. The problem can also be due to the pulley and spring system of the door.

If you believe this is the case, you should seek professional assistance. Because pulleys and springs are extremely tense, it is not a good idea to address this problem on your own. It might come tumbling down if there is any damage or crack, causing severe injuries.

Misaligned sensors or damaged sensors:

The garage doors are designed to operate on the command received from the action of sensors. The sensors project beams of infra-red rays. The doors can work properly only when the sensors are correctly positioned. When the sensors detect the infra-red rays beaming out from one another, it means nothing obstructs the infra-red path. It means the doors are good to go.

Moreover, the garage doors close when the infra-red beams are on a constant path. If there is any obstruction, let’s say a person in the doorway, the doors will not close. The door sensors are part of a safety mechanism so that the doors do not close in on any person, animal, or object caught in the doorway.

The garage doors may not close owing to misaligned sensors, or the sensors may be fine. But, something is obstructing the path, or perhaps the sensors themselves are obstructing it.

To know the problem, first, you need to check if anything is blocking the sensors’ path. Then, if there is nothing, you must check if anything obstructs the sensors themselves.

Check for misalignment of the sensors if they are okay. It may happen if they are struck by any object or person who enters the garage, and it is more likely to be struck by anything carried into or out of the garage. Tighten the sensors by tightening the wing nuts while keeping them in place if they are misaligned. After that, softly glide your palm over the sensors to line them with the other. Remember to wipe the sensors clean to eliminate any dirt or fingerprints that may be obstructing the beams.

Lack of lubrication:

Another reason garage doors get stuck halfway may be due to a lack of lubrication. Poor lubrication is a common cause of doors being stuck. This can be easily fixed by lubricating the door tracks and the hinges and joints. Lubrication is more like a preventive maintenance approach. Ideally, all the door tracks, hinges, joints, springs, and pulleys should be lubricated at least once a month. Silicone-based lubricants can be used for better results.


These are some of the reasons why garage doors get stuck halfway. There may be other reasons for doors getting stuck and not opening correctly, such as weather effects, physical damage to the doors, jammed pulleys, or broken springs. You need to look into these facts and find out what may be the possible reasons for the door being stuck and can take steps accordingly.

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