Why Does Garage Door Spring Break?

Top Reasons Why The Springs Can Break?

As a smart homeowner, you may know when your garage door needs a broken spring replacement. You may also know how to identify the type of garage door spring and take precautions until help arrives. However, one thing you may not know is the reasons why garage door spring break. Here are three main reasons why they break.

Lack of Maintenance:

when you may be cleaning the car, or even the garage floors, when did you last look at the garage door springs? You should take care to check the tracks and even see how the door rolls down without any obstacle. Also, check if the springs are making any noise. If there is, even a minor squeak, use lubricants and try doing the same again. It may be enough to give the oils at least once in six months. Without this minimal care, the springs are sure to break faster.

Rust Formation:

Rust might be formed on the springs since they are exposed to the environment and made of metal. The rust might pile up and even destroy the coil to break the springs. People often take the garage door broken springs for granted. However, if you do not take care, your garage door won’t work properly. So, keep an eye open, give your overhead door some care, and check for these issues.

Rust Formation Garage Door Broken Springs

Inappropriate Spring Size:

You may be installing a new garage door. However, you should be thorough in your understanding of the best solution for your garage door. If you are using the incorrect size of springs, you might be causing a lot of damage. If you are using only one spring for the door, it might not be enough to support the door weight. Consider the weight and size of the door, and have the springs as per that.