What Kind Of Garage Door Springs Do I Need?

Kind Of Garage Door Springs

If you are planning to get a new overhead door for your garage, it is perhaps the best decision. However, if you are wondering what components you need to invest in for your garage door installation, you need not fret. Most of the garage door DIY kits include all the components like springs, cables, and motors included. However, if you are entirely buying everything on your own, you will need to know well in advance.
To start with, you may hear the hardware experts talking about different types of springs to use. Yes, you heard it right! There are different types of springs and more such information regarding the springs that you must learn now.

Types of Springs and Which One Will Suit You

While both are suitable, most of the homeowners prefer to have torsion springs over the Extension springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are available coiled tight. It is the most common types of springs in use for the garage door. Therefore, you need to ensure these are tightly coiled. They create the torque to lift the door, and they are more durable too. There are types of Torsion springs like Early set torsion springs used in residential garages, and Steel rolling door torsion spring used in commercial rolling doors. There are also standard garage door springs which you need to mount on the top of the garage door and the Torquemaster torsion spring, which is located inside the shaft for the safety of the door.

Extension Springs

This garage door spring expands and retracts when you lower or raise the door. You will need cables to use these because if they break, the door can come crashing down. There are two extension garage door springs on either side of the door. There are various types of extension springs too for the overhead door like the open looped and the clipped ended ones.

Therefore, if you look up the garage door after closing it, and see the pair of springs in either side running in tracks, you can rest assured it is extension springs.

Now you might be wondering on the one to choose for your garage door. If you already have a garage door with either of these springs, look for the problem. Whether it is extension springs or torsion springs, the door should not feel heavy when you try to lift it open. Also, if you notice gaps in coils of the springs, do not delay in calling the experts for garage door repair.