We are often concerned about our garage doors opening or closing automatically. Most homeowners have a habit of checking the garage door before going to sleep. You don’t want an intruder can getting access to your property through a malfunctioning garage door that would open randomly.

That’s not going to be an issue any longer. With advanced garage openers (keypad and remotes) and automatic security sensors installed on the doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that only the authorized user can access this area. Another technology that has been gaining immense popularity is garage door cameras.

You may have noticed that the latest garage doors have security cameras connected to the door opener. If you are wondering what these cameras are for and why you should install them in your place, this post is for you. We’ve discussed everything you need to know about garage door opener cameras, their purpose, benefits, and the reasons every homeowner should have them. Keep reading.

Cameras in Garage Door Openers

Take your security up a notch with a smart and robust camera equipped on the garage door. Now, you can keep an eye on your garage (both inside and outside) through a live-streaming camera. The camera is connected to your smartphone through a mobile app that allows you to get a live video of the garage. You can monitor the activities in the garage in real time. Here’s what these cameras offer.

Live Video Streaming:

The cameras make your life easier by allowing you to look inside the garage door, check what’s happening, and open/close your garage doors easily. The live-streaming service is available for free. All you have to do is download the mobile app compatible with the garage door opener camera, and you can stay close to your garage no matter where you are. By buying a subscription, you can store these videos for up to 7 days or 30 days. Enjoy 1080p, a clear night view, and a glare-resistant camera that shows you the activities around your garage. You will get a clear picture of who passes by your garage doors.

Get Real-time Notification:

Your garage door is the entry point of your home. If an intruder manages to open the garage door in your absence, they will get access to your property. To avoid that, you should install garage door openers with a camera. The camera will send you a real-time alert if it detects any activity inside the garage door. So whether you have scheduled delivery or someone visits your garage to collect something, rest assured that you will be notified as soon as the door opens. These real-time updates make it easy to monitor your garage 24/7.

Two-way Communication:

The camera facilitates two-way communication between your smartphone and the garage doors. If you have a neighbor searching for the ladder or your kids trying to enter the garage, you can easily communicate with them through the camera-compatible app on your smartphone.

Open and Close Garage Doors:

If you are worried you have left the garage door open, check your smartphone to see the status immediately. No matter where you are, the cameras will give you quick access to your garage doors and allow you to shut them even when you aren’t physically there. Your smartphone enables you to remotely manage garage door operations (whether you are lying in bed or are out of town for vacation).

The latest secure cameras offer you a corner-to-corner view of the garage with special LED lighting. Just connect the camera to the MyQ app and get access to its advanced features. If the garage is located on your business premises or a place with a criminal history, you can buy a monthly camera subscription.

This will allow you to store the live videos of the garage for up to 30 days. The smart cameras come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Some latest devices also offer a feature that detects potential problems with your garage door. For example, it will detect if the door has gotten off the rail or if the photo sensor isn’t working.

Home Connectivity Option

Like other smart devices, you can connect your garage door camera to your home network using Wi-Fi. This enables people to monitor the activities in the garage from home. It’s easier to close or open the garage door when you have the cameras connected to your smartphone. You can handle all operations smoothly from anywhere and at any time.

You can also set a schedule for when you’d like to shut the garage doors automatically. The app syncs flawlessly with other smart home appliances. The app is also compatible with Amazon. If you have a prime membership, you can link that to the app and receive in-garage parcels when you are not home. This allows you to order products and have them delivered safely to your place without any security concerns. Once the delivery guy has made a delivery, you can close the garage doors remotely.

The garage doors come with cameras and safety sensors that detect the presence of objects in the way of closing the door. It stops the door from closing on people or objects, thus offering you the highest level of protection.

Bottom Line

Having a camera on your garage door comes with many benefits. For starters, it gives you a chance to get a clear picture of the garage. You can monitor the activities inside the garage, as well as people passing by the garage door.

This security device offers a 360-degree view of the place, giving you real-time information about who entered the garage, at what time, and what they did do. If you have upcoming parcels, you can receive them by opening your garage door through your smartphone and shutting them off after the delivery guy has left. Open and close your garage doors remotely with just one tap of a button and ensure seamless operations.

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