A garage door is the prized possession of every homeowner in Edmonton. As a garage door is indispensable for a home’s safety and security and plays a vital role in beautifying a residence, the regular maintenance, repair, and replacement of a garage door becomes mandatory. Therefore, a common question that lingers on the mind of Canadian homeowners is ‘how long does it take to install a new garage door!’ Well, the answer to the query is subjective and depends upon a plethora of factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to replacing a garage door. However, a professional and experienced garage door agency will take four to six hours to complete the task in optimal conditions. It is noteworthy to mention replacing a garage door with the crew taking off the old garage door. Nevertheless, let us look at some factors that affect the time taken to replace a garage door.

Top 8 Factors affecting the installation timeframe of a garage door

1. Weather

If your garage door is replaced during precarious weather conditions, the replacement crew will have to undertake extra measures that require more time. Therefore, it is not to replace your garage door during snow or rain. Bad weather conditions are directly proportional to more garage installation time. Therefore, check the weather forecast of Edmonton and choose a sunny, bright, and dry day before scheduling your garage door replacement. 

2. Garage Door Size

The size of your new garage door also influences the overall installation time. Needless to say, larger doors take more time than smaller ones. Likewise, if you have a double-car or triple-car garage door, the installation time will automatically become twice or thrice longer. 

3. Customizations

If you have planned your new garage door to be fancy and full of customizations, the time to install the roof will increase. 

4. Garage Door Compatibility

If your new garage door is compatible with the old one, and there are not many differences, the technicians will find it easy to undertake the replacement. For instance, if your old and new garage doors are of the same size and style, they can be removed quickly.

5. Availability of Material

If your house is located in a remote or isolated region, the process of replacing the garage door may require more extended periods for replacement, owing to difficulties in the arrangement and delivery of materials. Likewise, if your home is challenging to reach, for example, in case it is at the edge of a long and unpaved lane, it will become challenging for a loaded truck with bulky garage replacement materials to reach your doorstep. As such, the entire garage door replacement might become longer and more expensive.

6. Older Garage Doors Are More Challenging to Replace

The older the garage door of your house, the longer the replacement time will be. As such, you must opt for regular garage door maintenance and replace it before the hassles of cracks and warps begin. Often, homeowners tend to assume that their garage door is in perfect shape and do not decide on maintenance until there are stark problems.

It is an erroneous approach and can, in fact, burn a hole in their pocket. Faulty and dishevelled garage doors are much more expensive to replace. Likewise, the time it takes to repair an unkempt garage is much longer.

7. Structural Damage

If your garage door has minor and superficial problems, the replacement process is fairly quick and hassle-free. However, if there are structural defacements and damages to the garage door or multiple technical glitches, the process can become much longer due to additional repairs.

8. Competency of the Replacement Company

Lastly, the capabilities and experience of the garage door replacement company that you also choose crucially determine the replacement and installation time. An adept company with years of experience in garage door replacement will do the task at an optimal timeframe. In Edmonton, there are several agencies that offer top-notch garage door replacement services, and you are sure to find your match. 

So, there we have it, a comprehensive overview of the top eight factors affecting the installation time of a garage door roof. Now let us look at some of the other aspects of garage door replacement in Edmonton.

Is it possible to DIY a Garage Door Replacement?

It goes without saying that garage door replacement is an exorbitantly expensive process. But, simultaneously, it is an investment with long-term benefits for homeowners. Installing a new garage door or substituting an old one can be complicated work only professionals can do.

Moreover, if you decide to replace the garage door yourself, the time taken will accelerate. Some of the reasons why you should DIY a garage door replacement are –

Although you might believe you can replace your garage door panels on your own, taking professional help is always the ideal trajectory. A garage door comprises several vulnerable parts that can get damaged if you meddle with them frantically.

Likewise, some parts of the garage door are also hazardous, and special precautions are required to handle them. Therefore, taking the assistance of experts is a feasible way out. With the plethora of garage door repair and replacement services in Edmonton, you are sure to find an agency that matches your requirements. 

Concluding Thoughts

The time taken for garage door replacement and installation is usually four to six hours. However, the time taken depends on an assortment of factors. Most importantly, the diligence and competency of the agency you choose are vital in determining the time taken to replace your garage door.

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