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Having a proper garage door is very important as you would use it every day, and it should fit in properly. The garage door should also have a look that matches the rest of your house. So, an attractive, proper, and the easily usable garage door is all we need.

To get that, where do we begin? One of the first and vital steps in getting the perfect garage door is determining the perfect door size. The garage door sizes are influenced by many factors, like the ceiling, the side room space is given, and others.

Having said that, there are also multiple standard garage door sizes you could refer to, which are template sizes based on specific requirements. This guide will give a quick sneak peek into the standard garage door sizes, how to measure them and what factors you should factor in.

Why do the style and appearance of the garage door matter?

Before we get to the door sizes, we must first understand why the garage door should match the front door and the rest of the house. This is necessary because it creates a better appearance of the exterior of your house. Especially if both your front door and garage door are facing the streets, the match will make for a wonderful look.

How to measure a garage door?

Measuring a garage door space is the first way to get the right size. First of all, you should ensure that your garage door dimensions will work when the garage door is in both open and closed positions.

What are the standard garage door sizes?

As we discussed, standard garage door sizes are influenced by many factors. So, here are a few standard garage door sizes based on different categories and criteria.

1. Single-car garage door size

If you have a single garage and suppose it is the standard size to fit in a single car, the garage door should be about eight to nine feet wide and seven to eight feet high. Some of the most common single-car garage doors are of 9×7 sizes. But if you have a more oversized garage, there are also options for garage doors with widths of teen feet increasingly being made.

2. Double-car garage door size

Many own two cars and have garage space that fits in both. So, in that case, we need to know the measurements of a double-car garage door. The standard size for the two-car garage doors is 16 feet wide and seven to eight feet high. These garage doors also come with eight-foot garage door bays. This offers both structural necessity and a good style to the garage doors.

Come to think of it, suppose you are wondering whether you need two single doors or one double door. First, let’s get two factors in. One, a double door, has a more visually appealing and prominent presence than two single doors. Two, it is also better budget-wise, as two single doors need two openers, whereas one double door requires only one opener, meaning you spend less on your garage door openers and can save some money.

What if the standard sizes do not fit your garage?

Well, if your garage size is different and does not fit the standard size measurements, do not worry. While the standard sizes help you sort out the measurements and get the right door, you can also use the customizable options if needed. This is especially useful when you have a garage which is more in height.

Custom garage doors often refer to doors made with a height of 10 feet or more. So, even if your garage is built to accommodate larger vehicles like trucks or vehicles with tall roof racks instead of a regular car, you can opt for customization and get the perfect garage door made.

Do all garage doors need insulation?

Not all garages need insulation, but if required, you need to get a thick residential garage door. Wondering why? The thickness of the door determines how well it is insulated. So, consult a professional expert to understand if your garage needs insulation.

Here are garage doors classified based on their thickness.

Summing Up

Each garage type varies based on our house. If your garage fits within the regular structure, you can opt for standard measurements for your garage doors. But if these doors are of different structures or your garage is not for cars but for larger vehicles, you can take the customization route and get the perfect door customized.

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