Side-hinged garage doors continue to be one of the most popular picks in many countries. There is a strong demand for this type and the popularity is increasing every day. The reason why there was a surge in side-hinged garage doors is that people no longer use their garage for vehicle and equipment storage.

Most people use a garage as an add-on room, and it’s less likely for them to use it as a space for housing cars and other vehicles. They also use it as a gym, workshop, a studio, and even an office.

But there is a question in your head – What kind of side-hinged garage door should I buy? Yes, there are different kinds of side-hinged garage doors in the market that can be overwhelming for a newbie to buy it for the first time.

Don’t sweat it out! We are here with a quick buying guide for side-hinged garage doors. Keep reading to find out more on this subject!

What’s a Side-Hinged Door, Anyway?

A side-hinged garage door is also known as a swing door. This garage door doesn’t go up to the ceiling, so it’s a traditional style of door. It has side hinges so that you can open the door sideways and not upwards.

You need sturdy hinges, panels, and a robust locking system for this. Since a garage door keeps everything safe and secure inside, you have to ensure the lock is robust!

Look for something that offers the effortless operation, excellent weather sealing, and easy access. The good part about these side-hinged garage doors is that they have very few moving parts, so the maintenance required is very little.

The Perks of Using Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors are traditional-style doors, so you might think it’s not advanced or useful. Surprisingly, there are many perks of using a side-hinged garage door.

Take a look!

In the pull-up garage doors, you have to ensure that the torsion springs are well-lubricated and no breakage is there. A side-hinged door is much more easier to maintain and does not cause additional stress of replacement unless you want to.

Which Material is Suitable for Side-Hinged Garage Doors?

You get side-hinged garage doors in different materials. Take a look and select accordingly:

Sizes Available in Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors manufactured in timber, steel, or GRP come in different sizes like 8 ft wide and 7 ft 6 inches high. You can also get 10 ft wide side-hinged garage doors. It also depends on the manufacturer you are choosing. Sometimes, you get customized options too as per your requirement.

There are design limitations when the doors are built in a larger size. When a door is large, the timber species used for it must be taken into consideration because strength and weight become more crucial.

Most of the high-quality hinged garage doors are custom/made-to-order to meet the specifications of the client.

Sub-frame Required for Installation

All side-hinged garage doors need a fixing sub-frame. These can be in steel, timber, or aluminum box sections in a specific goal-post arrangement.

In many cases, timber sub-frames come at 70mmx70mm but a depth of 90mm is preferred for a satisfactory door stop.

These are included specifically for weather sealing. Moreover, thicker sections provide better strength too. When it comes to steel construction, the frame is within the range of 50 and 70mm. The depth would vary.

The subframe is needed for fixing weather seals, hinges, and a stop for the door panels to hold it when closed. This makes the doors work in the best way possible!

Are Side-Hinged Garage Doors Secure?

You may have concerns regarding security, but a side-hinged garage door can be quite good. However, you must ensure that the main door panels are robust enough in the construction bit. Moreover, the surrounding sub-frame should also be strong enough.

Security depends on the material used and it is also important where you buy it from. The steel doors would offer a good level of security with three to four-point locking upgrades. Steel doors have a robust locking system, and they usually come with a strong sub-frame as well.

As for fibreglass and timber garage doors, you need to uprate the locking system. And make sure you use a proper hardwood timber or steel subframe to enhance security.

As a homeowner, you want to put stress on the security bit because a garage is a part of your home.

Always purchase side-hinged doors that provide security ratings. If a garage door has been 3rd party-tested,  you will get a robust garage door.

Never invest in cheap softwood and low-quality single-skin steel garage doors because these do not provide premium security. If we can put it any other way – this particular single-skin steel side-hinged door is useful and any intruder can get in without much effort.

Concluding Thoughts

With the above-mentioned buying guide, you will be able to buy the best side-hinged garage door. Make sure you pick something which is easy to operate and makes your curb look good.

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