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Repair Or Replace Garage Door - What Should I Do?

A garage door malfunction after some time due to wear and tear and regular use. The question may still arise in the mind of the owners "whether they should go for a garage door repair or replace it?"

The main consideration to decide about the repair or replacement are; 

1. Extent Of Damage

The damage may happen due to high winds or if the vehicle has bumped into the garage door. This may cause significant damage to the garage door, and it cannot be repaired. It will lead to the replacement of the garage door as the cost of repair will exceed the cost of replacement.

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2. ​Problem With Single Panel

If the single panel of the garage door has little damage, then you can go for the garage door repair. This will prove cost-effective, as only a single panel of the garage door has got some damage. In case you have to change the multiple panels, then replacing the whole garage door is a better option.

3. ​Difficulty In Operation

To keep the garage door for a long time, it must be maintained. If your garage door has become difficult to operate or there is an issue with the garage door opener, springs, or cables, then the repair of the door becomes paramount.

Difficulty in Operation of Garage Door? Call us for garage door repair and installation service in St. Albert

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