A garage door spring makes your door opener very useful in every household. However, it can be a major issue if your garage door spring breaks. There could be many reasons for the garage door spring to break. But you need to identify broken springs to prevent your home from significant accidents.

Broken torsion springs would cause a lot of trouble to you and your garage door. If your torsion springs are broken, the garage door might stay stuck off or unable to open or close. Apart from all the problems, you will face difficulty lifting your garage door. In this blog, we will also give you some tips for lifting the garage door. But you should read the next section to identify the broken spring.

Signs of broken torsion spring

The most common question of the house owner about the broken spring is how will they identify it. However, you will get several signs about it, but the following signs will help you to identify the broken spring of the garage door-

1. Spring appearance

A homeowner can identify the broken spring of their garage door by noticing the spring appearance. The spring will stretch out due to no mechanical energy. You will notice it when the door is closed. Additionally, you will also notice the two-inch gap in the spring. This gap will be visible during the spring break.

2. Notice garage door

You can also identify a broken spring by noticing the garage door. The following are the sign that you might notice on the garage door –

3. Loud noise

You will also hear the loud voice when the garage door spring break. Torsion springs contain pressure and tension that make noise after breaking.

Tips to lift a garage door with break spring

Torsion springs play an essential role in opening or closing a garage door. The garage door opener did not work well with a broken spring. So if you are wondering how will you lift the garage door with a broken torsion spring, you must follow the following tips to lift the garage door-

1. Find a partner

A garage door is a heavy object that a single person can’t handle. A single person might fail to lift a garage door alone. As a result, experts recommend that everyone lift the garage door with the assistance of at least one other person.

2. Be cautious

You should be cautious while lifting the door. Inspect the door before lifting it. In addition, you should be aware of the surrounding of the door, like the spring, cable, and your limb.

3. Avoid the use of openers.

Indeed, openers make it easy to open or close the garage doors, but the use of openers can cause additional harm to other parts of the garage doors. For example, you should ignore using an opener to lift the garage door with a broken spring. Instead, you should lift the door manually to prevent it from further damage.

4. Disengage the door from the opener

You should ensure that the door touches the ground, so it does not shut abruptly. Then, pull the red cord to disconnect the door from the door opener.

5. Lift the door

You should raise the door till it reaches a horizontal line. Then, to keep the door from collapsing unexpectedly, you should hold it until it finally falls.


If you have a broken spring, it is good to know what a broken spring looks like, so you can be prepared before opening the garage door. We hope this blog will help you as we have given some valuable tips for lifting the door and sign to identify the broken spring.

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