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Garage doors are an integral part of the safety and security of every Canadian household. Unfortunately, the garage doors of a residence or a commercial space are often used multiple times daily, resulting in noticeable wear and tear. In addition to the internal functioning of garage doors, their external panels may depreciate. Panels provide a semblance of completion to the appearance of a garage door. However, in due course of time, you may observe that your garage door panels have become discoloured, broken down, or look unkempt, thereby paling the appeal of your entire garage door. As such, you may want to consider replacing your garage door panels.

To begin with, most people might be unaware; that the timely replacement of garage door panels is an easy and cost-effective way to dodge high replacement costs. You should consider a garage panel replacement when single or multiple sections of your garage door show signs of potential damage. Nevertheless, we would say that the sooner, the better. Now that we know about the fundamentals of garage door panels, let us look at the various dimensions of their replacement.

Everything you need to know about garage door replacement in Edmonton, AB.

To inexperienced eyes, garage door panels might seem like everyday phenomena. However, multi-panelled garage doors have various veritable advantages. To begin with, having a damaged panel does not imply that you will have to replace the entire garage door. You always have the option of substituting the panels that are broken. However, it is always a good idea to opt for professional garage door replacement services in Edmonton to have your garage door panels substituted. Nevertheless, knowledge is power, and there is no harm in knowing how to complete the task on your own. 

1. Finding the Right Panels

Not all garage door panels are alike. Therefore, the first step is finding the panels compatible with your garage door. You can either get them from your garage door manufacturer or look for other more affordable providers nearby. 

2. Take Measurements

Before purchasing new garage door panels, it is imperative to take measurements of your erstwhile panels. As such, you won’t be wasting precious money on panels that will not even fit your door.

3. Removing the Panels

Before removing the old garage door panels, remove the torsion springs from your door. Consequently, begin the removal of your old garage door panels by loosening the center brace and finally working your way around the nuts and bolts that hold the panel.

4. Remove Old Tracks

While removing garage door panels, you also have to remove old tracks. To remove the old tracks, all you have to do is remove the brackets that keep the tracks in place. After the tracks are removed, do not forget to take away the sensors to avoid damage.

5. Door Leveling

While replacing your garage door panels, make sure to level the door so that the frame will accommodate the new panels. It is a way to ensure that your new panels fit the garage door.

6. Changing the Panels

The process begins with assembling the torsion rods. After that, you must follow the instruction manual when changing the door panels. As torsion springs are incredibly strong, putting the panels might take some time and effort. 

7. Paint the Panels

After the old garage panels have been substituted with new ones, you can consider painting them. Make sure to take things slow while painting to get optimum results. One tip is to trim the panels before painting them for a more lucid finish. 

8. Ensuring the Aesthetics

While buying new garage door panels, make sure that they blend with the other components of your garage to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your garage door is maintained. In this way, you will not have to invest extra money and time in painting your panels.

It is essential to mention that replacing garage door panels is a laborious task with various technicalities. As such, it is always a good idea to take professional help. However, now that we know the tips and tricks of garage door panel replacement, let us see when is the right time to go for replacement.

When is the right time to opt for garage door panel replacement?

If you can see that your garage door panels look rough due to the normal wear and tear caused by time, then replacing one panel or a few panels is futile. There is no point in substituting a few old panels with new ones when your entire door is on the verge of a breakdown. In such a situation, the more intelligent move is to replace your entire garage door whenever you deem fit. However, if your garage door is new, and only a single panel is replaced, you can consider a single panel replacement. It is a great way to reinstate the functionality and look of your garage door. In addition, singular panel replacements are generally needed in minor accidents such as the car bumping at lower speeds, bikes scratching the panels, etc. Lastly, you can opt for multi-panel garage door replacement when several panels of your garage door are damaged. For instance, if two out of the panels of your garage door are damaged, then a multi-panel replacement will be a cost-effective option. Consequently, if most of your garage door panels are damaged due to accidents, you should consider replacing the garage door itself.

Concluding thoughts

Although you might believe you can replace your garage door panels on your own, taking professional help is always the ideal trajectory. A garage door comprises several vulnerable parts that can get damaged if you meddle with them frantically. Likewise, some parts of the garage door are also hazardous, and special precautions are required to handle them. Therefore, taking the assistance of experts is a feasible way out. With the plethora of garage door repair and replacement services in Edmonton, you are sure to find an agency that matches your requirements. 

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