As a component of your house’s exterior, garage doors pop out negatively if they’re dented. Garage doors with steel and aluminum are becoming increasingly common in new homes. Despite their allure, they still have one drawback: they are vulnerable to denting.

Garage dents can always be fixed, regardless of whether you hit the door by mistake or caused by a strong storm. Unfortunately, the front of the garage door with a big dent is pretty unattractive. Even though they might not seem serious, they can cause damage and later deterioration. Also, it can affect the door’s operation and structural stability, demanding expert repair. However, minor dents can be easily fixed.

Continue reading this article to learn about our directions regarding how to repair a dented garage door.

What exactly is a garage door dent?

If you’ve ever encountered one, you might have pondered why a massive dent occurred on a garage door. Such dents are typically the outcome of a car crash. A garage door may get dented with excessive power when a car strikes it. In rare instances, the damages may be so serious that a new door must be installed. Nevertheless, it can typically be fixed if the dent isn’t too significant.

To fix dents, garage door maintenance businesses utilize various methods, such as sanding, smashing, or welding. The repair is typically fairly easy and may be finished in a few hours.

Why is fixing a dent vital?

A garage door is a mechanical moving system with multiple interconnected sections. The components may deteriorate or be ruined over time, causing the gate to dent. Even though minor damage may not appear to be a huge concern, this can actually lead to significant issues.

Firstly, dents may compromise the door’s construction, increasing the risk of failure. Secondly, dents might make the door difficult to open and close correctly, creating a safety concern. Last but not least, dents might cause opening the door more challenging, causing irritation and wasting time. It’s critical to repair dents as quickly as possible due to all of these factors.

How to fix a dented door?

Check to see the severity

The very first step is to inspect the damage and decide whether it can be repaired by yourself. You might be capable of repairing a tiny, shallow dent with just some basic equipment. However, you’ll likely need to employ an expert if the dent is significant or deep.

You’ll have to acquire certain equipment when you opt to repair the dent on your own. You’ll need a mallet, a screwdriver, and a plunger for this task.

Use a mallet

Begin with giving the dent a few light taps with the hammer. This ought to be sufficient to push it out when the dent is only slight. To make a starting point, you may be required to tap extra firmly or utilize a chisel if the dent is much deeper. The dent could be entirely removed by striking at it after you have created a slight indentation. This technique is reasonably quick and simple to mend a slight dent, although it will require some effort and patience.

Provide heat

If the dent yet doesn’t budge, try heating it up. Use a blow dryer & start it on its hottest setting initially. Next, for a couple of minutes, put the blow dryer in close enough proximity to the dent. Its metal would enlarge in response to the heat, making fixing the dent easier.

Apply cold

Consider applying cold instead of heating if the dent won’t come out. Put ice in a container, then cover the damaged area with a cloth. Look to determine whether the dent is removed after leaving the ice on for approximately 15 minutes. You might have to apply more force or try a different approach if it is still there.

Apply hot water

Consider utilizing boiling hot water if the dent remains visible. First, pour boiling water over the dented surface. After that, remove the dent by reaching behind the door and popping it. Take caution to avoid burning yourself. Before actually touching the door, allow it to cool down.

Use suction cup

Suction cups could help you mend a dent in the garage door if none of the previously mentioned solutions seem to work. This technique can be an excellent way to repair minor dents, but it can be risky because it requires standing on top of the door. The door’s surface in which the suction cups would be placed should be cleaned. Make sure the area is clean and free of any dust or dirt that can stop the cups from attaching.

Make sure that the 2 suction cups are equally spaced apart and stick them to the surface of the door by putting pressure. Strike the dent with a hammer from the door’s other surface. Avoid hitting the suction cups because doing so could make them lose.

To verify that the dent has been repaired, detach the suction cups if it has not, continue the previous procedures until the dent is gone.

Test the door

Inspect the work after you’ve taken the dent out. Shut the garage door first, then look to see whether you are able to detect the dent. If it is, then the dent is probably more severe than you realized. You’ll have to consult an expert after you’ve done all of the solutions and the dent is still there. A specialist can speedily and effectively eliminate the dent. They might also have suggestions for avoiding damages in the future.


Dents in garage doors can be fixed, but it is really essential that you take your time and perform it correctly. It is advisable to seek professional support if the dent is extensive. An expert can evaluate the condition and guarantee that your garage door is appropriately mended. Experts can also be able to provide you with advice regarding whether it is better to upgrade your garage door than to replace it altogether.

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