How Do I Know If My Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

The Telltale Signs For Immediate Repair

Modern garages opt for the overhead door. These are highly recommended for saving space and giving a beautiful appearance to the property overall. A plethora of options and advanced technology are going into the making of these doors. Thus, it will not be surprising to see more in the coming days too. However, the problem lies if there is an issue with the garage doors. For instance, if there is a garage door broken spring, you might hear a squeaking noise. This will alert you, and if you ignore any of these telltale signs, you might be in trouble. Let us look through the top warnings your broken garage springs might give you.

Loose cables

If your door’s torsion spring is working fine, the cables will be with the correct tension. If they are slack or loose, it means there is a severe issue with the spring, and mostly it is broken.

Gap between springs

Ideally, the Torsion system comprises of a couple of torsion springs. With time, these springs might break, causing a gap to form in between them. This is a notable sign for you to go for garage door repair immediately.

Door seems heavy

Since the springs and cables carry the weight of a door, things appear to be smooth. If there is a broken spring, the door tends to become heavy.

Speedy fall of the garage door

Since the spring is faulty, it might not be able to carry the weight of a door. It might not be able to let the door down slowly. So, when the door closes, it might collapse with a bang.

Jerking actions when opening or closing

When you click on the remote to open or close the door, and you notice a jerky movement, do not ignore it. It might be a faulty door. Call up emergency overhead door professionals. They will check the fault, and if it is a faulty spring, they will repair it right away.

Bent top section of the garage door

You may notice the door to be bent on the top. This may happen when the ‘open force’ on the garage opener is up. It is better to change the strut only with the help of professionals.

These are the most common signs of broken springs in a garage door. If you notice any of these, do not delay in calling for immediate garage door repair.