WARNING: A broken spring Torsion springs: Garage door springs Edmonton are under extreme tension and require appropriate safety precautions. Your health and safety is the first concern. Incorrect installation can cause serious injury and even death in extreme cases. Professional installation is recommended. DO NOT attempt to install springs yourself. remember, if the weight of the garage door is increased by adding glass, additional insulation, etc. The life of the torsion spring may be greatly reduced. therefore, we put for you a suitable spring to the garage door.

A torsion spring system consists of one or two springs on a steel shaft . When the door is raised, the springs unwind and the stored tension lifts the door by turning the shaft. When the door is lowered, the springs are rewound to full tension.


What you need to know about garage door springs Edmonton?

Most people in Edmonton, Canada pay very little attention to their garage door springs edmonton. Little do they know that if the springs snap or break, it can cause an irreversible damage to the entire mechanism besides being very dangerous. It is these springs that open and close the door each time you operate your garage door. Hence, it is imperative that you pay attention to garage door springs edmonton.

Whenever you are considering a garage door replacement, consider replacing the springs as well. If you have been facing problems while opening and closing the garage door then it indicates that there is a problem with the springs. It is very often that garage door springs break and they can be easily replaced as well.

What do you need to know about garage door springs?

There are two types of springs mainly used for garage doors. One is torsion springs, which are usually attached above the garage door, and the second is the extension springs that are located along the upper tracks of the door on either side.

If you happen to hear squeaking or cracking noises while operating the door or if the shutters are making too much noise, you might first want to look at the springs before calling in the troops. A little bit of squeaking on wooden garage doors especially does not necessarily mean that the springs are damaged. Most of the times, lubricating the springs could do the work and get rid of the squeaking noises.

How do we replace the springs?

There are two ways to go about replacing the springs. One is DIY (Do It Yourself) or take the help of garage door services in Edmonton. Unless you are a mechanical expert and know what you are doing, please never choose the DIY option. You will be safer when you outsource it to a professional specializing in garage door repair in Edmonton. Improper installation of the door springs is more dangerous than the broken ones. You definitely would not want the door come crashing on your head or vehicle someday.

The bottom line

It is one of the easiest ways to fix a noisy garage. However, if you notice that the noise is quite loud and lubricating the door is not helping, it is time to call in the cavalry. Get a reliable garage door installation service as soon as possible to evaluate and diagnose the problem. In the meantime, avoid operating the door for your own safety.