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Our technician provides any garage door repair and installation with NO unclear pricings. We are the only company in Edmonton & area that NO charge you call-out fees.

GD Master-Garage Door Repair Provide Garage Door Services Such As:

Garage Door Spring Repair.

Garage Door Opener Repair.

Garage Door Opener Installation.

Garage Door Safety Sensors.

Garage Door Hinges Replacement.

Garage Door Maintenance.

Garage Door Tracks Repair.

Garage Door Tracks Replacement.

Garage Door Lifting Cables Repair.

Garage Door Lifting Cables Installation.

Garage Door Roller Replacement.

Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal Replacement.

Garage Door Weather-Strip Installation.

GD-Master – Garage Door Repair is the top local garage door repair services and we pride ourselves on being


If your current garage door is damaged or not functioning properly we can diagnose and repair or replace any parts that are not working.

Moreover, if you need a brand new garage door installed professionally we can help, we have extensive experience installing all the top brand name garage door and garage door openers. so contact us now to set up an appointment we look forward to working with you.

Common Garage Door Problems:

Garage Door Off Track.
Garage Door Have Cracks.
Garage Door Not Going Up.
Garage Door Broken Spring.
Garage Door Broken Cables.
Garage Door Remote Not Working.
Garage Door Is Making Loud Noise.
Garage Door Does Not Open Completely.
Garage Door Wall Button Isn’t Responding.
Garage Door Closes Then Immediately Opens.
Garage Door Opener Is Blinking & The Door Is Not Going Down.
Garage Door Opener Is Making Noise However The Door Is Not Going Up.

If You Are Experiencing Any Of Those Issues We Recommend To Contact Us Immediately For Further Assistance.

More Info About Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are used daily by the resident’s property owners for parking and taking out their vehicle from the garage. It is exposed to daily wear and tear that may lead to some of the functional garage door errors in the long run. If your garage door is not working correctly then it may be facing problems related to the garage door spring, jamming problems during winters, the effect on nuts and bolts, etc. and require garage door repair immediately to avoid any mishap.
A home with a safe and secure garage door is always in demand in the property market.

Even though you choose the best quality garage door, you will eventually need garage door repair services. That is why it is important to have the best garage door repair in Edmonton & area in your phone book.

Why my garage door does not work?

Garage Door Broken Spring
This is one of the most common problems and a serious one at that. If your garage door spring is broken, it cannot pull the door up.
If the garage door is not working, but the motor is running then you might have a garage door broken spring. This most common issue occurs in the garage doors during winters or when the garage door is opened or closed. This is a severe problem, and one must call for professional garage door repair tech.

The Cables Snap-off
When the torsion spring breaks, the direct result is visible on the cables. They too snap off and thereby, the doors will not open. It is advisable to call the local garage door repair professionals to repair right away.

Misaligned Doors on Tracks
Many times, the doors do not fit and run along the tracks smoothly. You may hear squeaks at places or see gaps or even small obstacles along the channel. Just note it and make sure to replace these garage door tracks.

The Sensor Eye is Blocked
After a stormy night, leaves or other such materials might fly and block the eye of the sensors. It might therefore not be able to make contact with the remote control. Just make sure this sensor eye is open before operating the remote.

The garage door is one of the most visible and prominent elements of a house. It can add beauty and aesthetic value besides security if you make an effort to choose the right door. However, garage doors need periodic maintenance and that is why you need good service providers for residential garage door repair in Edmonton.