A garage door is a prominent entity of your residence’s exterior. When someone glances at your house from a distance, the garage door declares its striking presence by being at the forefront of your abode. Therefore, the garage door must be aesthetically pleasing and powerful in its performance. In case you want to replace your old garage door and are looking for an overview of installation costs, then read ahead.


Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to garage door costs, we can make an informed approximation. The average cost to buy and install a new garage door in Canada ranges from 750 to 3500 CAD. Single-car garage door installation charges are between CAD 1000 to 1300, while double door installation is priced between CAD 1500 to 3500. It is noteworthy to highlight that all the figures mentioned include labour charges and other ancillary costs. Now that we know the average prices of garage doors in Canada, let us look at some factors that affect the same.


A range of factors determines the price you will pay to install a new garage door for your home.


The primary factor determining the cost of your garage door is its construction material. The cost differs depending on whether you choose steel, wood, or fibreglass as the base of your garage door. Top-grade and customized hardwood garage doors made of redwood, cedar, or mahogany are the most exorbitant of the lot. Contrarily, some of the more affordable options include vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, etc.


As already illustrated, the cost of single-door garages and double-door garages differ considerably. The latter mandates more labour, hence, making it more expensive.

Manual V/S Automatic Doors

Manual garage doors are easier to install as they do not have any electrical and mobile parts that require expert care. They are also much lighter than their automatic counterparts. On the other hand, electric garage doors have many electrical and mechanized components that necessitate expert intervention, making them more expensive.

Labor Required

In usual circumstances, the labour fee is a part of the overall garage installation cost. However, you should confirm this clause from your service provider. At times, owing to harsh climatic conditions, greater distance from the city center, and inaccessibility issues, the labour charges may increase, catapulting the cost of garage installation.

Removal of the Old Door

Lastly, you can expect the garage door installation price to shoot up if removing the old door is a cumbersome task. For instance, the lack of maintenance might make it impossible for garage door installers to remove it without charging extra. So, make sure to communicate such concerns with your chosen day of installation.

Now that we know how garage door installation prices are affected, let us dovetail into garage door customizations.


A custom garage door with extra architectural features provides homeowners with the liberty to utilize their garage in more than one way. For instance, it becomes possible to expand storage space, make more room for work or place, and ideate an excellent appearance when you opt to customize your garage doors. Unsurprisingly, customized garage doors cost more than their standardized counterparts. However, certain factors also influence the price of custom garage doors and let us see what they are.


  1. Garage Cabinets – A set of garage cabinets customized to its doors help you keep items safe and simultaneously frees up a lot of floor space. While opting for customized garage door cabinets, your service provider will enquire about your preferences vis-à-vis size, colour, material, and frequency. Needless to say, larger cabinets increase the price of customization and vice versa. Likewise, you should choose a cabinet material that protects your items; hence, going for the cheapest option available might not be the most brilliant move.
  1. Garage Door Windows – A custom garage door includes opting for windows that complement not only your house’s design but also provide some much-needed privacy. The type of garage door windows, such as insulated glass, coloured glass, noise protective glass, etc., will determine the customization charges for your garage door.
  1. Garage Door Panels – You can customize your garage door by choosing unique and personalized panels. There are endless options when it comes to custom garage door panels, but you should choose the one that suits your needs. Taking the assistance of experts who understand the A to Z of garage door panels and have done customizations is an excellent way to start.
  1. Garage Door Finishes – Lastly, another factor that determines the customization cost is the type of finish you choose. The coating at the end of the garage door installation can, in fact, make or break your personalization efforts. Therefore, it is pivotal to make an informed decision. Whether you want custom stain, paint, or faux stain, the prices vary per the finish, quality, and appeal.

After an analysis of the factors influencing garage door customizations, let us look at some of the benefits of opting for a custom garage door.

Thus, there we have it, an overview of garage door installation charges and the factors determining the customized prices of garage doors.

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