Garage Door Cables Replacement

WARNING – Garage Door Cables replacement require professional and safety installation. Because, they are under extreme tension.

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Garage Door Cables Replacement - All You Need To Know

Note: Garage door cables are a significant part of operating a garage door. Without the cables, the garage door will not work properly.

How Does Garage Door Cables Work?

The cables are connected from the bottom panel with a dedicated metal bracket to the pulleys on top of both sides.

Likewise, the springs and cables work together as one system.
While the door opens, the springs’ tension is released, and they create the torque to lift the door.

Cause & Effect Of Broken Cables

Daily wear & tear

Garage doors are used daily by the residents for parking.

And, it is exposed to daily wear and tear that may lead to some functional errors in the long run.

If your garage door is not working correctly, then it may be facing problems related to the cables or garage door springs.

In this situation, you need immediate garage door repair.

Rust Formation On Garage Door Cable And Bottom Bracket

Rust Formation

When did you last give a look at the garage door cables?
Rust might settle in the cables since these are exposed to the air slats and snow in wintertime.

The rust might pile up and even destroy the cables. So, keep an eye open, give your garage door some care, and check for these issues.

It will save you from significant expense later.