Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement

WARNING – Garage Door broken spring replacement require professional and safety installation. Because, they are under extreme tension. Your health and safety is the first concern. Incorrect installation can cause serious injury.

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Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement - All You Need To Know

Note: Garage door broken spring is one of the most common problems. If there is a broken spring, the door tends to become heavy.

How Does Garage Door Spring Work?

There are three common types of garage door springs

  1. Torsion springs system
  2. Extension springs system
  3. Torquemaster springs system


The springs works by supporting the garage door. It controls the door from opening and closing due to the energy applied to it.

Likewise, the springs and cables carry the main garage door weight. While the door opens, the springs’ tension is released, and they create the torque for lifting the garage door.

However, it is essential to keep an eye out for a smooth operation of the garage door. If your garage door opener is facing trouble in functioning, the problem might be the springs

Garage door broken spring

Types Of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs

It is the most common types of springs in use for the garage door. They create the torque to lift the door, and they are more durable too. 

garage door broken spring replacement on left hand side

Torquemaster springs system

Used for standard garage door and the springs are located inside the shaft for the safety of the door.

  • In most cases we able to convert torquemaster springs system to torsion springs system.

Extension Springs

This garage springs expands and retracts when you close or open the door.

  • In most cases we able to convert extension springs system to torsion springs system.
Garage door extension spring