Top 5 effective ways to heat a garage without insulation in Alberta

effective ways to heat a garage without insulation

A garage with freezing temperatures leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth, primarily if you alternately use it as a woodworking shop, a gym, or so forth. Without insulation, you are compelled to ditch your garage during the frigid Canadian winter. Nevertheless, it is unsurprising that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on garage insulation. Although a heated garage without insulation may seem far-fetched, it is not impossible. However, before getting into the crux of the best ways to heat a garage without insulation, let us look at its veritable advantages.

3 Benefits of heating a garage without insulation

  • The primary benefit of heating a garage without insulation is that you can efficiently work inside your garage and keep the car warm on chilly days.
  • Insulation can burn a hole in your pocket. However, uninsulated garage heating methods are much more budget-friendly.
  • Heating a garage without insulation is also an excellent way to save energy.

Now, without further ado, let us gauge the top five most effective ways to heat a garage without insulation for the upcoming winters.

5 Flootproof ways to heat a garage without insulation

It is a commonly held belief that using a space heater is a viable alternative to heat a garage without insulation, but this is far from the truth. Space heaters have many associated health hazards, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Thus, it is recommended to look out for other safer substitutes.

  1. Opt for an Overhead Tube Heater – Without insulation, infrared tube heaters are an efficient way to keep a garage warm. As they operate with infrared radiation, they do not heat the air but only the objects. By heating just the objects, an overhead tube heater ensures that the warmth you perceive is not affected by air exchange. The optimal aspect of these pieces of equipment is that even if you leave the garage door open, most of the heat inside will not vanish instantly.
  1. Sun’s Rays – Another popular method to heat your garage without insulation is using the sun’s energy. You can achieve this feat by installing solar panels on your garage roof. The panel then generates power from sunlight, through which you can use an electric heater to be installed inside the garage. However, it is a reasonably expensive method but the most sustainable. A disadvantage of using solar panels to heat your garage is that the technique is virtually useless during Canada’s harsh and dark winters.
  1. Get a wood stove set up – You can also install a woodstove in your garage to heat it without insulation. Wood stoves have all the heating propensity needed for a bustling garage. In addition, possessing a wood stove will induce a cabin-like flair in your garage, giving you all the exotic feels. Moreover, wood stoves are also a feasible option for people who do not have access to electricity in their garages. However, the catch is that wood stoves require you to light them on logs, a task which some people might find irksome. Likewise, firing up a wood stove requires concerted efforts, and if you want to heat your garage only occasionally, a wood stove might not be worth the trouble. Lastly, a wood stove is the ideal garage heating method for people on a strict budget, as you can complete the entire process in USD 100 or less.
  1. Purchase a Propane Heater – An ordinary propane heater with a 20-pound tank will serve you well for a good many months. As regular indoor propane heaters do not force out hot hair, they are highly efficient. Moreover, they are also reticent, thus allowing you to concentrate inside your garage. An indoor propane heater is the best option for homeowners who want to keep warm and cozy and are okay if the garage takes its own sweet time to heat up.
  1. Try a Torpedo Propane Heater – They can heat uninsulated garages incredibly well. Torpedo propane heaters force out the hot air with high velocity, similar to a jet engine, which warms up your garage. They also have an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy appeal. However, the major issue with torpedo propane heaters is that they are hot and blast fire, thus dangerous. In addition, as a torpedo propane heater runs on propane, the fuel is cheaper and safer indoors. Therefore, a torpedo propane heater will be the right choice if you use your garage occasionally and want an instant heating option. However, make sure that you place your torpedo heater in a safe place. As they blast so much air, they can slide around if you position them on a slippery floor. In a nutshell, one can never be too careful with torpedo propane as they have their fair share of health hazards.

So, there we have it, the top five most effective ways to heat a garage without insulation. Let us end this article by analyzing tips and tricks to keep the garage warmer and cozier during winter.

Tips and tricks to keep your uninsulated garage warmer

  • There are several potential draft sources in a garage. Thus, you can keep your garage warmer for prolonged periods by replacing any old weatherstripping and adding new sealants.
  • Another way to ensure that an uninsulated garage does not lose its heat rapidly is by insulating just its door. A garage door occupies a substantial portion of your garage; therefore, it would be a strong barrier against the cold.
  • Finally, installing radiant heat is an excellent long-term solution if you are currently building a home or changing the flooring. Heating a garage uniformly with infrared radiation is possible with radiant heat, which originates from tubes of hot water put under concrete flooring.

Thus, we have a comprehensive overview of heating a garage without insulation, its benefits, and tips and tricks to keep an uninsulated garage warmer during the bitter winters of Canada.

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