If you have a garage door, the chances are that it has experienced its fair share of defacement. Everything from a ball to a car bumper has likely bumped into your garage door, leading to the accumulation of damage and leaving visible signs of the same.

More often than not, a garage door faces the street and significantly affects the visual appeal and first impressions of your home. As such, it would not be erroneous to opine that replacing a garage door is cathartic for your residence. However, the underlying issue is that garage doors can be pretty expensive.

As a homeowner in Edmonton, you might not always be ready to invest thousands of dollars in replacing them. Well, it is in such a context that replacing a garage door comes in handy. As a homeowner, if you are wondering whether you should opt for a garage door repair, partial replacement, or total replacement, let us help you clear your doubts.

Is it possible to replace one section of a garage door?

Yes, it is possible to replace one section of a garage door without having to substitute the whole thing. Several agencies in Edmonton provide the service of replacing sections of your garage door. Let us look at some scenarios wherein partial replacement of a garage door section is highly beneficial.

1. Minor Damage

If the damage on your garage door is superficial and includes issues such as faded paint, chipped wood, or a minor bump, you can simply opt for a repair. Here, even replacing one section of your garage door is not worthwhile.

2. Significant Damage

In case of severe damage such as a cracked panel, broken bolts, the door opening with a jerking motion, etc., a timely call to a garage repair agency can help you dodge total replacement. Here, replacing one section of the garage door is very much possible if you take prompt action.

3. Extreme Damage

Some damages to a garage, such as warping or cracking of the door, are irreversible and require a full replacement.

Now that we know when is the exemplary scenario to replace one section of a garage door, let us look at some other dimensions of the phenomenon.

Factors affecting the replacement of a garage door section. 

As we have already mentioned, replacing a garage door section is possible, but there are certain factors to consider.

The Position of the Damaged Section

Replacing all garage door sections is not the same as some parts have different requirements than others. More often than not, it is the top section or the bottom section that gets damaged the quickest, and you will find many companies in Edmonton that deal in replacing these two sections of a garage door. While replacing the top section of your garage door, make sure to use a strut and an opener bracket installed.

Likewise, if you are getting a bottom section of your garage door replaced, do not forget to get the seal installed. In other, make sure that you choose a garage replacement agency that is adept at removing sections of a garage and knows how to manipulate the new sections to work with the old sections seamlessly.

The Cause of the Damage

At times, what kind of damage your garage door has suffered also determines the type of replacement. The most typical defacement of a garage door is the impact caused by residential vehicles. If the same is ongoing in your case, you can easily have sections and panels of your garage door substituted with new ones.

So, there we have it, the factors affecting the replacement of a garage door section. Ironically, sometimes, having the entire garage door is more cost-efficient than replacing a mere section, and let us evaluate such situations in detail.

When is it more cost-effective to replace the entire garage door than a section?

Design Selection

Like everything else in the world, garage doors have changed significantly in the last few years. Garage doors comprise one-third of what people see when looking at your residence, and it is imperative for the garage door to complement your sweet abode. Therefore, if you have an old garage door that is paling the beauty of your residence, we would suggest that you go for a full-blown replacement, irrespective of the amount of damage.

You can find several garage door repair and replacement services that will change the face of your garage and make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Adjacent Section Damage

Even the slightest damage to the connecting edge of a garage door will eventually fail, and the damage will seep into the other sections. So, if two or more sections of your garage door are damaged, then you consider a complete door replacement.

Matching Garage Door Panels

Unfortunately, most manufacturing companies keep changing their garage sections’ stamp designs. In such a context, you will not find an exact match for your door section. It is not a pleasant visual experience when one section of the garage door is not blended with the rest. Therefore, it is best to consider a complete replacement in such a scenario if your budget permits.

The key is to have a flexible approach while repairing or replacing your garage door or its sections and also find a service provider that is accommodative and understands your requirements.

Concluding thoughts

It goes without saying that replacing one section of your garage door is much more cost-efficient than choosing a full-blown replacement. In addition, it is also a more thoughtful strategy. Garage door replacement does not have to burn a hole in your pocket all the time, as there are many possibilities for repair and replacement.

The catch is choosing a garage door company with the exact parts or sections of your door that needs replacement. There are multiple top-notch companies in Edmonton that are ready to offer their world-class garage door repair and replacement services to you. 

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