People use garages for a range of things, such as keeping cars safe, keeping household items, as an additional space, and much more. Whatever the situation, it’s critical to understand how to efficiently handle the garage door to prevent injuries to you and your family members. That involves being aware of what you should do when a spring fails and whether you can continue to use the door. It is possible to open a garage door with a damaged spring in case of an urgent situation.

However, you should certainly avoid doing that. Because, without the spring, the door basically loses its stability and balance, making it easier to injure yourself while attempting to open and shut the door.

Nevertheless, if you must unlock the door before professionals get there, this article will explain how to accomplish precisely that.

The significance of the spring in Garage Door

A torsional spring is typically placed on top of a garage door during installation. This spring’s primary purpose is to serve as a counterbalance for the complete door system. Each time the door is lifted or shut, this spring automatically winds & unwinds. A torsion spring is available in various lengths, weights, or thicknesses based on how the door is finished. The spring is responsible for all the load while the opener moves the door. However, there are situations when the spring seems to be the problem and opening the door while the spring is broken increases the chances of it collapsing.

Identify a broken spring


The door will feel much heavier, which is among the most apparent indicators of a damaged spring. The torsional spring is in charge of dispersing the door’s weight. By supporting its weight, it assists in maintaining the spinning energy between the surfaces. Therefore, as the spring fails, the garage door starts to feel as if it is entirely on your shoulders.

A loud noise

Every time a torsion spring breaks, the whole amount of energy is released all at once. So, whenever this happens, there is always a loud noise. The noise is comparable to a falling window or full storage containers. Therefore, the chance that the spring is damaged is high when you notice a similar sound.

Crooked door

Your garage door staying up straight is just one of the torsion spring’s key benefits. The damaged spring causes your garage door to a crook. Additionally, the side of the door begins to be affected, giving the impression that it is open sideways.

When the door closes, it shutters

The extension springs are just another type of spring found on a garage door. The purpose of such springs is to absorb energy whilst providing adequate resistance to the pulling force. The garage door is lifted open through the same pulling force. In contrast to torsion springs, the extension spring’s failure has a more significant effect. This extension spring might also fly off when it breaks.

How can you open a door if the spring is broken?

The primary and most significant tip to remember is that you must never treat a garage door with faulty springs lightly. Without the proper safeguards, it may be hazardous and possibly even deadly. Having said that, when you decide to attempt to open the garage door by yourself, ensure to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:

A faulty spring requires you to elevate the entire weight. It can commonly be constructed from steel or timber, which indicates that it will be hefty. Make absolutely sure that a 6 ft ladder is set up on both sides of the garage door. You should place a 6-foot ladder on both sides of the garage door. Make sure of this. By this, the load is kept under control, thus minimizing the total garage door damage. Always feel free to turn to a friend or family member for assistance.

Step 2:

Pry bars should be inserted beneath the floor and the edges of the doors. Next, hold the door using both your hands and the pry bar. This is very similar to how you exercise at the gym. The most challenging part of doing this is this. With the support of horizontal tracks, removing the weight of the door is simple after you have performed this correctly.

Step 3:

You must realize how important it is to keep your balance when you open the door. Therefore, you must be prepared to shut the door once you are done lifting it. Please keep in mind that you must gently shut the door. To prevent the door from falling off because of its weight, you can grab it all the way down. As was previously said, to keep yourself safe, you must always have at least 2 people with you.

How to reinstall the spring?

You are setting yourself up for a massive accident if you attempt to replace the door spring on your own without understanding exactly how to accomplish it. The garage door has a complicated arrangement.

If you try to deal with the issue yourself without the necessary knowledge, you might hear a loud bang, which would indicate that the spring has been fitted incorrectly, and the door would come crashing down on you with its entire force. That is why you should always hire a professional to repair it. Purchase a door spring from the store—they’re not expensive and have a professional handle the rest.


Your home’s garage is a vital component, and it must always close securely. The springs can last longer with scheduled maintenance, but breaks are sometimes inevitable as the springs deteriorate with time. This is crucial to get in touch with a professional in your area as soon as you open a damaged garage door. By doing this, you can be sure that your garage door is safe and functional and won’t pose any problems in the long run.

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