Many people nowadays have chosen to take on their home advancement projects themselves, popularizing the do-it-yourself (DIY) method. While some tasks are certainly better left to the professionals. DIY helps you to save money and have some fun. Before going with Installing a garage door on your own, you should read this article.

Of course, before taking on any home improvement project, it’s important to do your research and make sure you know what you’re doing. This is especially true for something as potentially dangerous as installing a garage door. Make sure you have the proper tools and safety equipment and take the time to read and understand the instructions completely before starting work.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Installations

1. You need the following things to DIY install a garage door

If you’re handy with tools and comfortable following instructions, you can probably install a garage door yourself. It’s a two-person job, but if you have a helper it will go more quickly. You’ll need to rent a truck or trailer to haul the door home from the store.

These tools and equipment can be quite expensive to acquire for this one-time job. Assuming that you did a lot of it, it makes a lot more sense to have hired a professional to do it for you.

2. Garage Doors Are Complicated

Garage door installations are exceedingly intricate work, requiring specific tools in order to be completed correctly. A typical modern garage door comprises many springs, hinges, and electrical components, all of which must be properly integrated into one system. Making a mistake or omitting one single gizmo can result in the whole system malfunctioning.

You will be mounting and repairing a lot of these highly delicate pieces and Will be handling the really heavy weight and complicated shape of the door itself.  Additionally, all garage doors are distinct and fit the requirements of various homeowners. For example, garage doors have wind ratings to protect the residence in stormy weather.

3. Faulty installation is dangerous

Garage doors are tall and filled to the brim with specialized but numerous essentials and parts. Due to the unique design of their springs, garage doors work under an enormous quantity of tension and stress. This indicates a faulty setup may cause that door to drop down at the inopportune time, leading to expensive repairs or even worse, a trip to the hospital. It’s easy to mistakenly attach the garage door tracks or safety sensors, creating the main entryway to your house vulnerable to trespassers.

4. Possibility of loss of money

Garage door installation average labour cost is around 300 CAD. If you plan for DIY garage door installation to save 300 CAD, but it is not simple. Garage door installation companies have relationships with garage door parts manufacturers. So they will get components at a discount rate. Individuals will get a higher rate from the local hardware stores.

Furthermore, there are issues with repairs. The garage door installation company gives a warranty for the work they have done. If you install the garage door by yourself and you got a problem in near future, it will cost you components and labour cost approximately 100 CAD/ hour.

5. Void of warranty

The majority of garage doors ship with an owner’s warranty covering certain maintenance and repair work. Warranties typically last three to five years but often must be installed by a professional to install the door. In such cases, if you choose DIY installation, the warranty becomes void. If you are dead set on putting the door in yourself, make sure the manufacturer’s warranty allows it before purchasing the parts. Additionally also nullify garage door warranties, including accidental damage, vandalism, fire, and purposeful alteration.

6. Professionals are Licensed, Insured, and Qualified

Hire a professional garage door installation company to get avoid the above problems. Call us at +1 780-340-8564 to book a service call. We have all the appropriate licenses to do the work. We also offer a warranty during and after garage door installation work. We have installed many garage doors in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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