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Roll up garage door repair service in Edmonton

Repair Garage Door Rollers in Edmonton

If your rollers are not functioning properly, your door will not be able to move smoothly along its tracks. If your rollers are malfunctioning, contact GD - Master Ltd. for emergency garage door repair service in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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How much does it cost to replace garage door rollers near Edmonton?

Garage door roller replacement services cost between $100-$275 on average. Your garage door rollers will need to be replaced as they break or become worn, and this can vary depending on what kinds of rollers you have. However, keeping them properly lubricated and inspected twice a year can considerably extend their life. When garage door parts need replacing in and around Edmonton, call on the experts at GD - Master Ltd. for fast, same-day services. Call us at +1 780-340-8564 today to find out more about the garage door services we offer.

How do I know if my garage door rollers are bad?

The type of rollers you have can result in the lifespan varies of your garage door. However, some signs the rollers on your garage will be replaced include:

GD - Masters Ltd. supplies a wide variety of services, including garage door roller repair/replacement, roller hinges, garage door installation, opener repair/ replacement, torsion spring repair and replacement, garage door repair in Edmonton and nearby areas. Call us at +1 780-340-8564 for free estimates.

How often should a garage door be tuned up?

A garage door tune-up can help you to stop future damage and will help to keep your garage door operational. You ought to aim to have your garage door tune-up every six months, but you might wish to have it looked at sooner if you see any problems with the various gears or the door starts making loud noises or vibrating during operation.

Is your garage door in need of service?

The experts at GD - Master Ltd. can help! Contact us today for additional information on our garage door services.

Why Rollers Need To Be Replaced?

The rollers on one's garage door let the garage door to move smoothly along the tracks. The quality of your garage door's rollers will determine how frequently they must get replaced.

If your garage door rollers are builder grade, rollers should be replaced within about two years due to unavailability of ball bearings and wear out rapidly. Upgraded rollers are generally made of nylon and have ball bearings within the rollers.

How To Tell When You Need Garage Door Roller Repair?

When the tracks start to wear down, you might hear an unpleasant squealing or screeching sound as the garage door moves.

Your garage door rollers should be inspected every year and lubricated at least twice a year. By keeping them properly lubricated and maintained will extend the life of the roller.

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