Garage door sensors are an important part of the garage door system. They are responsible for detecting obstacles and preventing the door from closing on people or things. This protects people, pets, and objects from being crushed by the door. If your garage door sensor is malfunctioning, it can be a safety hazard. Here are a few tips on how to best deal with a malfunctioning garage door sensor.

Garage door safety tip before doing any check – Very important

If your garage door is having closing/opening issues, the infrared sensor might be an issue. In that case, the door is very unstable. While you conduct various tests, ensure that no one around you, such as kids or pets, walk under the garage door. Keep yourself out of harms way as well.

First testing the sensor

Before you take any action, observe the “As Is” situation of the garage door when you open or close it. Do it couple of times to make a mental note. While the garage door is closing, see if it alarms and opens back up in the middle of the way. If it does, that means checks are needed and sensors might already have an issue. If not, try to hinder the sensor path with a simple cardboard piece and then observe if it alarms and opens back up in the middle of the way. If it doesn’t, then you need to check and fix the sensor.

Now, checking the sensor

Are the sensors clean?

There are two sensors. One on each side of the garage door. One of the most simple thing is to clean the both ends of the sensors. Even if it seems clean, it is a good idea to wipe it with an all purpose cleaner. The sensor is located on the side of garage door and you can easily wipe without any tool. Clean it with a soft cloth to get rid of dirt, dust and any other debris that might be present. Test the cycle of the garage door once again.

Is there anything under the garage door in-between two sensors?

There is a common misconception that if there is something under the garage door in-between the two sensors, the garage door will not close. This is not always the case; sometimes, the garage door will still close even if there is something in-between the sensors. But most of the times, if there is something in-between the sensors, the door will not close and will go back up after moving half way through. In this scenario, a light, if connected, will also start blinking and an alarm, if present will make a sound. Try to locate the item that is in the sensor-beam path and remove it. Don’t be under any doubt. If something is close enough, just remove it.

Are the two sensors loose or misaligned?

Check and observe manually first. Touch the sensor installation plates and feel if they are loose or if nicely holding. Do not put much pressure. If they are loose, they will move just by touching. Loose sensors will almost always cause malfunctioning garage doors because there will be an unpredictable movement due to misaligned sensor beams. if you find the loose sensor plate, try to tight it if you have the tools. if not, call us to solve it professionally, while we are at your place, we will check a few more garage door parameters to ensure you don’t have other issues. if you see a red light flashing on any of the sensors, it indicates that the sensors are misaligned and need to be adjusted. try to align it by feeling how much do you need to move the sensor. If having hard time, call us at 780-340-8564.

Is there any damage to the garage door sensors?

If there is any damage to any sensor, it could cause the door to close on something it shouldn’t, potentially causing damage or injury. Look around both sensors. Do you see any glass or plastic parts broken and/or fallen around. If this is the case then the sensor will pretty much needs replacement. Give us a call at 780-340-8564.

Are the door sensors connected to power?

Garage door sensors typically connect to the power supply in the garage, but there are some models with a remote chance that operate on batteries. It is important to know which type of sensor your garage door has before trying to fix it. Check that the sensors have proper power supply. Usually, you will be able to see a green light on one sensor and a red light on another. The one with the green light is the signal sender and a solid green light indicates that there is power. The one with the red light is signal receiver and a steady red light indicates that the sensors are aligned. If one or both are missing a light, there is good chance that the power supply is missing. That can be further due to damaged wires or loose connections etc. We suggest you to call professional help to check it out. Give us a call at 780-340-8564.

With these 5 quick checks, you can figure out if your garage door sensors are malfunctioning and need adjustment or replacement. GD Master is just a phone call away. We carry almost all parts with us so you will not have to wait for a part to be replaced. For any of your garage door sensor or other issues, give us a call today at 780-340-8564.

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