4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Not Working?

Garage doors are used daily by the residents and the commercial property owners for parking and taking out their vehicle from the garage. It is exposed to daily wear and tear that may lead to some of the functional errors in the long run. If your garage door is not working correctly then it may be facing problems related to the door spring, jamming problems during winters, the effect on nuts and bolts, etc. and require garage door repair immediately to avoid any mishap.

Let us now see a few reasons why your garage door is not working seamlessly.

Problem with the Extension or Torsion Springs

If the garage door is not working, but the motor is running then you have a garage door broken spring. This most common issue occurs in the garage doors during winters or when the garage door is opened or closed. This is a severe problem, and one must call for professional help. The DIY fixing of the springs can lead to mishaps or accidents.

Problem with the Door Opener

If a garage door does not open or close properly, then there can be a motor problem or issue with the garage door opener and the assembly parts. The cause of this problem is mainly the human error in case if the cord of the motor gets pulled off. So, the garage door must be check thoroughly by the professionals only.

To sum up, these are some of the reasons due to which the garage door may not be working, so it is necessary to take the expert assistance from a reputed company.


Misaligned Track

There is a metal track on which the garage door runs, and if it gets out of alignment it becomes a severe issue. If there is a gap between the rail and the rollers or there are bends in the rails then the garage door is facing a big problem. The misalignment of your garage door may make it dangerous to operate. The owners can notice the misalignment if they hear a rubbing noise or the garage door slows down when it hits a particular spot.

Snapping of the Cables

If the torsion spring of your garage door breaks then it results in snapping of the cables. This cable damage can cause harm to the vehicle or the garage door wall, and if there is anyone in the way, then it can cause harm to them too. The property owners must seek professional help as it may prove dangerous to fix the cables on your own.