4 Essential Questions To Ask When Garage Door Spring Breaks


The well-being of the garage door is crucial for the upkeep of the vehicles. You can park your car, keep your tools, lawnmower, etc. The proper functioning of the garage door is necessary for opening and closing of the door and getting these items daily in and out of the garage. But, the regular use of the garage door may cause a problem with the mechanical parts due to daily use like the wear and tear of the track or the springs.

The garage door broken spring is a significant issue, and the only alternative is to get it fixed from the professionals. Let us now see some of the questions you can ask the expert while fixing the garage door spring:

What Is A Garage Door Spring?

Spring is a crucial part of your garage door. It takes up the torque of the door and makes it easy to lift and open the door. If this spring is not there, then it may become difficult for the garage door to lift or open. But, this spring may last for forever as the daily use may cause wear and tear, and you need to replace it. So, if you notice the spring to be worn out then it is vital to fix it.

How To Know Garage Door Spring Has Broken?

If your garage door is showing these symptoms, then there are chances that the door spring may be broken. You may notice that the door cables are disconnected and move here and there as the spring is broken, if the garage door lifts to certain height and does not go further, the loud noise that is similar to that of a firecracker or gunshot, a gap is noticed between the torsion spring, the garage door comes down fast while shutting down, etc.

What Are Reasons For Garage Door Spring Breakage?

The reasons for garage door spring to break are:

• Springs are prone to rust as they are made of metal
• Use of cheap springs
• Poor maintenance of the garage door springs
• Regular use and wear and tear is another cause of breakage of springs

Should I Replace The Spring On My Own?

To save a few bucks, a few property owners try garage door repair and fix the springs on their own that can make the matter worse. It involves much danger, and it is difficult to install it without the right tools. So, it is advisable to take help from professionals.

Garage door broken springs are of high tension and include complicated procedure to replace, so it is necessary to take expert help for replacing door springs.