4 Critical Warning Signs Your Garage Door Motor May Be Bad.

Four signs of defective garage door motor by GD Master Edmonton

The garage door requires little effort to open and close. The garage door opener is the system that uses a motor to power the garage door. If it starts to fail, the garage door will be unable to open or close. In this blog, we will share 4 critical warning signs that your garage door motor isn’t working.

A garage door opener is a critical part of your garage door. It gets hard to work, even if you are not using it. It is supposed to be durable, but this is not the case these days. There are a few problems that you can face with your opener. This blog will give you information about four dangerous signs that indicate your garage door motor can be defective.

Four signs of defective garage door motor

Garage door motors play an essential part in the functioning of garage doors. It would be better to notice any minor issue in the garage door motor before it becomes a massive problem. The following are common sign that indicates that your garage door motor is going too bad-

1. The garage door doesn’t open.

The primary functions of garage doors are to open and close. What if your garage door denies opening? This situation is frustrating for all homeowners. However, this situation is the most common problem with garage doors. Owners continuously push the remote control buttons to open the garage door. They also try to aim the opener directly, but nothing happens. There are many reasons behind the door opening problem, but defective garage door motors are one of the primary reasons behind this problem.

2. Slow movements of garage door

Every homeowner knows how fast it opens and closes. Even garage doors take approximately a few minutes to open and close. So if you notice that your garage door is moving slower than its average speed, it can be a sign of danger for your garage door motor.

You might think that slow movements of the garage door can’t be a problem, but it is. It would be beneficial if you did not take this notice lightly, as it might be an invitation to a major door problem that costs you money. However, there are a variety of reasons why garage doors move slowly. But garage door motors can be one of the primary reasons behind this problem. The motor in the opener might be having difficulty pulling the garage door’s weight.

3. Unusual sound

Indeed, garage door openers make a little noise while opening and closing the door. But if you hear unusual or excessive sounds while opening or closing doors, then it can be a dangerous sign for you, as the unusual sound of openers is one of the significant signs of defective garage door motors. In addition, these sounds are a big sign that indicates that your garage door opener is having difficulty pulling the garage door weight.

You should not ignore any sound you hear while opening or closing the garage door, including squeaking, cracking, and more. Instead, you should immediately contact a professional to repair the garage door.

4. Vibration

If you notice that your garage door is vibrating while opening or closing, it is a clear sign that your garage door motor is not working well. If the vibration of the garage door is more robust, you will notice that the garage door opener is loose from the mount. You should consult a professional to solve the issue.


Checking your garage door motor isn’t that exciting, but it’s easy to identify a problem before it worsens. In addition, it keeps your customer, family, and loved ones safe since you know if your motor isn’t working correctly. Call us at +1 780 340 8564 if you find anything unusual with your garage door. We are 24/7 available and offer same-day repair service.

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