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Do you see a broken garage door opener? Or maybe you found out that the garage door cables are looking worn out. Hold on! It may not be a mechanical issue, but something related to the springs you have chosen for the door.

When the garage door torsion springs are not of the right size, it leads to major safety concerns. Here’s what will happen: the garage door will not function as it should, so it will put the users under serious threat.

While you are here, allow us to share the three reasons why the garage door torsion spring length matters.

There is a reason why the torsion springs should fit properly. So, dive right in to find out why the length matters.

What are Torsion Springs?

Garage door torsion springs are made of steel wire. They are coils that utilize rotating force or torque to counterbalance the weight of the garage doors.

Garage doors weigh about 200 to 500 lbs. It also depends on the door size and type. And the garage door springs are located right above the garage door. When the garage door is shut, the spring gets twisted as they store the rotational energy. When the same garage door opens up, the spring is what opens the door and then goes back to the same equilibrium state. Torsion springs are behind the heavy lifting of the door. The cables and tracks open and close the door correctly.

3 Reasons Why Torsion Springs Length Matters In a Garage Door

We have listed the three reasons why torsion springs length matters in a garage door. Read carefully to find out why it’s relevant.

1. Big Torsion Springs Can Damage The Door Opener

When your garage door torsion springs are too large, they offer more strength than what the door needs. The door will open with a lot of force and will also roll up quickly. Overall, it compromises safety too. You may not believe this at this point – but kids and inexperienced adults can get knocked over by the force when you try to open the garage door with a large torsion spring.

The door is most likely to bounce up and then down after you open it. It will create a major safety issue which is why you need to install torsion springs of the right length.

2. Small Torsion Springs Can Make The Door Opener Less Effective

In case the spring of the door is too small, it can make the garage door too heavy. Whenever someone tries to raise the garage door, it may fall back instead of lifting. Any user who is unaware of this issue may get hurt if the door shuts suddenly.

Garage door accidents are fairly common, especially when you don’t install the right length torsion springs. Children are also a greater risk if they try to push the garage door up or are running under it.

3. The Right Kind of Garage Door Torsion Spring Specifications Can Help Protect The Door

If you are installing a large or small torsion spring, there are some hazards that you can’t escape. But if you install the right size torsion springs, it will help balance the door and make it super safe. The garage door will rise effortlessly and you will be able to get it back in place without much hassle.

You may have to replace the garage door opener if it has been damaged by the wrong size torsion springs.

But don’t start doing a DIY project here. Only a trained professional or garage door technician should replace the torsion springs. You can also ask them about the right size torsion springs for your garage door. If you try to do it on your own, it could lead to severe injuries.

Can Your Garage Door Springs Be Too Strong?

The answer is YES.

The garage door spring is supposed to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. It helps in maintaining the height of the garage door when it is lowered or raised. If the spring happens to be too large or strong, it will start exerting too much pull on the garage door. Also, you will find that it is higher than it should be. A closed garage door will not be able to stay on the ground.

A large or big spring will also cause the garage door to open at a speedy pace. In most cases, the door could also knock on a child or an adult when they try to open this garage door.

Here’s the solution:

Since we are solution-focused, we can tell you that you need a professional garage door technician to replace the torsion springs. Let them measure and get the right size torsion springs. This is the safest and most effective option out there, so don’t try to DIY.

How To Measure and Order Your Replacement Garage Door Torsion Springs?

There are a few things you need to remember before measuring the replacement garage door torsion springs.

The first step is to check the wind direction. In case the end of the spring is pointing in a clockwise direction then it is left-wound. If it’s counter-clockwise, then it is right-wound.

The next step is to measure the wire size and the inside diameter. And the last step is to check the overall length of the spring. Ideally, we would suggest you call a technician to take the measurements.

They will be able to take accurate measurements of the spring. It gets trickier when the garage door torsion spring is broken. So, rely on a technician if you want to replace the torsion springs and get the right size.

Concluding Thoughts

Torsion springs are an essential element in a garage door. Don’t underestimate the power of these torsion springs because they do the heavy lifting.

Call a professional garage door technician, let them measure, get the replacement torsion springs of the right size, and replace them.

Torsion springs of the right length matter a lot, so pay attention and don’t purchase the wrong size.

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