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Garages serve as the quintessential storage spaces for quite a few homeowners in Canada. Besides storing their vehicles, people also prefer to use garages to keep other valuables, and sometimes junk. Although the security features of garages have tightened in recent times, one can never be too careful. Your garage is your home’s extension, so making it super secure should be something you prioritize. So, without further ado, let us scrutinize some tips and tricks that can make your garages all the more secure.


It takes mere minutes for a thief or burglar to break into your house and take off your precious personal belongings. If you have an attached garage, there are even more pressing reasons to re-evaluate its safety. Some vigilance coupled with a whiff of precautionary measures can go a long way in securing your garage.

  1. A Secure Garage Door – Although it might seem that a secure garage door is too obvious even to be a piece of advice, this is far from reality. As people get busy in the everyday mundanity of their lives, they often forget to keep a tab on their garage doors. Therefore, a conscious effort to check a garage door’s condition is worthwhile. You should ensure that the main access point to your garage door is strong. Likewise, if you see considerable depreciation on your garage door, it might be time for a replacement.
  1. Lock Your Garage Door – The good old garage locking is a trick many homeowners miss. It is imperative to ensure that your garage door has a sturdy lock. Moreover, devices such as an automatic sensor or an automatic garage door might help if you often forget to lock your garage doors. Opting for additional security measures like reinforced bars, double locking, etc., are simple yet effective ways to prevent break-ins.
  1. Secure your emergency exit door’s zip tie – Zip-tying the emergency release cord of your automated garage door opener is an easy and inexpensive way to increase security. All automatic garage door opens come with an emergency release level with a red cord attached. The primary purpose of the emergency release is to help you open or close the garage door in case of a power outage. Unfortunately, there are instances where burglars have exploited this feature by pushing in on top of the garage door and creating just enough gap to access the cord or lever that pulls the door open. Hence, the smart strategy is to secure the release level or cord with a zip tie to keep them safe from being tampered with.
  1. Bright Lights to the Rescue – Thieves and burglars thrive under the dark cover of the night. Do not make things easy for them by opting for dim lights in your garage. You can get yourself a motion-sensor floodlight near the garage door, and other entry points to make any ill-intentioned intruders think twice before daring to break into your house.
  1. Invest in Security Cameras – If you are serious about keeping tabs on your garage, installing security cameras near the access points is an excellent solution. Thieves run in fear in the sight of a camera. However, with the advent of high-quality motion-activated cameras, keeping tabs on your garage from your tablet or smartphone is much easier than before.
  1. Do Not Leave Your Garage Doors Open Unnecessarily – Anyone can break into your house if you leave the garage doors open. Moreover, you are allowing pedestrians and strangers on the street to have a long look at the contents of your garage. Even while working in your garden, make a small effort to keep the garage door closed. Never take anything for granted, even if you live in a safe neighborhood.
  1. Evaluate Your Landscaping – Burglars and thieves are on their haunches to take advantage of every single mistake on your part and then break into your abode. For example, if you have hedges, trees, bushes, or bins near the access points of your garage, thieves might use them to take cover. Thus, the key is to ensure that your garage door and its vicinity are exposed by trimming the outdoor elements.
  1. Opt for a Smart Garage Door Opener – Another garage door tip that will make your home safer is investing in a modern garage opener with high-tech features. For instance, certain garage door openers come with a mobile phone application, enabling one to see whether the doors are closed or open. Likewise, if someone tries to break into your garage, you will get a real-time alter on your phone. In a nutshell, upgrading the features of your garage door can be a good way to keep burglars at bay.
  1. Cover Your Garage Windows – The garage side windows, door windows, and exterior service windows provide ample opportunities for ill-willed people to take a good look at the interiors of your garage. Therefore, you should consider covering the garage windows or installing window blinds or curtains. Consequently, if you want sunlight to enter the garage, put a translucent film over the windows. Lastly, going for a frosted glass design kills two birds with the same stone, as sunlight also comes, and the contents inside are blurred.
  1. Do Not Valuables Scattered in Your Garage – It is common for the garage to become a catch-all space where you keep all your valuables. However, the more brilliant move is to avoid such a habit. Your vehicles are already too expensive of an investment that you park inside your garage. Furthermore, burdening it with other valuables will make you more vulnerable to burglaries.

So, there we have it, the top garage security tips and tricks that will keep your home safer. In today’s day and age, you can easily upgrade to a high-tech garage door by getting help from a wide range of garage door repair and installation services in Canada.

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